Full Stack Engineer


Full-Stack Engineer, Backend Focus @ Milieu Insight

What we do?

Milieu Insight is a consumer research and analytics company. We help businesses thrive in a data-driven world of rapid change, where the need for reliable, quick information to make strategic decisions has never been greater. We believe in the transformative power of going beyond insights and we’re driven by our passion to understand people - how they think, feel and act. Through smart automation, best-in-class technology, a core focus on user experience, and most importantly, an amazing team, we collect and deliver consumer insight like no other research company around.

How we do it?

We collect our data through a proprietary mobile app known as Milieu Surveys (just search for it in the Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines & Thailand app stores if you’d like to give it a spin). The opinions shared by our community of panelists are synthesised through our proprietary algorithms, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of what drives their personal and social motivations, as well as their consumption habits.

What motivates us (and hopefully you)?

We’re a team of explorers, always looking for new, better and more effective ways of working in our craft. Our curiosity pushes us to challenge the status quo, design and build cutting edge solutions, and even challenge our clients to embrace new ways of thinking about and using consumer insight.

So if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable wandering off the beaten track and challenging convention, we’re probably not the right fit for each other. But if you are, read on!

So, what about the role?

We are looking for a Full-Stack Engineer, Backend Focus who will be preferably based in our Kuala Lumpur office with the following key responsibilities:

  • Work cross-functionally across product, design and engineering to develop our internal product
  • Contribute quality code across the full-stack in developing and rolling-out new features
  • Authoring functional and integration tests to ensure features meet product requirements
  • Tackle bugs and troubleshoot production issues for different platforms in tandem with operations

What we’d like you to have

  • 3 years or more of experience in full-stack development
  • Extensive knowledge of backend technologies
  • Application: Nodejs, Typescript
  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Experience consuming and / or designing RESTful APIs
  • Able to turn final design into deliverable product that is of production quality
  • Working knowledge of GIT / Agile Software Development practices (e.g. Scrumban)
  • Experience using AWS, Azure or GCP (AWS preferred)
  • Working knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience using CI/CD pipelines via GIT (e.g. BitBucket, Github)
  • Experience using monitoring and logging tools for debugging and troubleshooting (e.g. Datadog, Grafana, Prometheus)

Great to have

  • Good knowledge in object-oriented programming and data structure design
  • Experience with large-scale application development (e.g. microservice architectures)
  • Good knowledge of NestJs, Fastify or equivalent frameworks
  • Working knowledge of typical Frontend Stacks: React, Redux, JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Working knowledge of RBAC/ABAC access control models
  • Working knowledge of Linux, bash/shell scripting

Working at Milieu - How’d you know you’re a good fit?

  • You like a fun, tech-focused, fast-paced start-up environment
  • You are responsible, accountable and can work well independently and with others in a fast-paced environment
  • You are resourceful and open minded
  • You demonstrate strong analytical thinking, organisational skills & attention to detail.
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You embrace change, and can adapt to a changing work environment
  • You’re a trailblazer, and are comfortable paving a new path to find solutions and ways of working

Why join Milieu?

We’re going to be honest here. If you grew up dreaming of working for an established, well known company with an office in a swanky building, Milieu will probably not be for you (although we recently set up a cool and comfortable space in KL Gateway for you to jam out off)!

On the contrary, we would love to have a chat with you if most of the following statements describe who you are:

  • I have always wanted to create a legacy of my own
  • I am motivated by a sense of achievement, and creating new things excites me.
  • I understand the importance of productive and persistent hard work but also understand that taking rests, having fun, spending time with loved ones and generally soaking in life’s experiences are equally important
  • I know that doing great things doesn’t come easy, and that every time I stumble along the way only makes me stronger

Regardless of your past professional experience, at Milieu we will embrace your interests and strengths and try to develop them in the right way. We’ll ensure that you leave us not only with the nuts and bolts of our business, but also with experiences and skills that you can use for the rest of your life.

So if all of this sounds great, we’d love to meet you. So let’s talk!