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Milieu Insight transforms survey-taking experience, launches new gamification features for award-winning mobile app

Gamification enhancements and real-time localised insights draw active engagement from largest SEA survey community
Milieu Team
January 19, 2022

Milieu Insight, the Southeast Asia research and analytics firm, has unveiled the next generation of its award-winning mobile survey app, Milieu Surveys. The new app update builds on its previous version, focusing on offering a superior user experience with a host of new gamification features. The flexibility and convenience of gaining insights to localised trending topics and participating in surveys while on the go has propelled the number of Milieu Survey mobile app downloads to quickly exceed over 2.5 million members. Milieu Insight is now the largest mobile survey community in Southeast Asia with respondents from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Engaging a mobile-first consumer audience

By utilising highly visual gamification elements, language localisation features and engaging, interactive content, this new app experience encourages active participation and delivery of high-quality data. Milieu’s opinion sharing community is made up of an extensive representative panel across all ages, and segment groups, enabling quality consumer research results at quicker turnaround times. Milieu Survey’s innovative survey technology allows respondents to take surveys, polls, quizzes, learn and learn at the same time.

“The proliferation of smartphone ownership over the past few years have unlocked more innovative and efficient ways to engage with people. We started Milieu Insight to make market research accessible to everyone - consumers and businesses alike. We are excited to have reached a new milestone with our Milieu Surveys mobile app, as we continue to innovate and find new ways to transform the market research landscape, empowering our clients to move beyond legacy ways of conducting consumer research’’, said Gerald Ang, Founder and CEO of Milieu Insight.

Key features


PLAY - Users can earn points from participating in surveys, taking daily quizzes or ‘Hot Topic’ polls and also earn booster points from time to time. Milieu provides fun facts to users every time they load a survey. These fun facts are used to inject personality to the app experience, allowing users to access a wider variety of content ranging across lifestyle and current affairs topics.

With ‘Hot Topic’ polls, users can vote and see what others are also thinking on the topic. Beyond earning points with gamification features, a proprietary AI algorithm tracks each user’s personalised interactions on the Milieu Survey, ensuring they will receive relevant content to keep them actively engaged.

TRACK - With a personalised profile page, users can view their status tier and track how many points they have earned, surveys completed and activity history.  They can earn a streak bonus when they complete at least 2 activities (survey, hot topic or quiz) on Milieu Surveys within 7 days.


SPEND - Reward points can be redeemed for attractive items such as shopping vouchers or donations to charity.

Commenting about the app update, Milieu Insight’s COO, Stephen Tracy, said, “The success of our data collection app, Milieu Surveys, was built on our unwavering commitment to user-centricity. Online quantitative research is the fastest growing sector within the market research industry, and yet participants of online studies are often subjected to poor user experiences that create a lot of friction. Our latest app upgrade doubles down on our commitment to offering our users a great experience, while adding exciting new features and ways to collect new types of data that are opt-in and permission-based.’’