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Your market research projects. Fully serviced and managed by experts.

Leave the work to us. Receive dedicated support from our award-winning research experts throughout every phase of your project. From designing your study to finding respondents, fielding it and reporting on the results - we’re with you every step of the way.

  • Fast and reliable answers from the right audience - However specific your target audience is, we’ll help you find them
  • Survey your community or tap on millions of respondents from our network
  • Connect insights from your custom study with real-time audience portrait intelligence for granularity
  • Benefit from global and local expertise
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Tailored Market Research solutions you can trust

Tap on our research expertise across a wide range of use cases, topics and sectors. Get comprehensive results, all within days and you have the option to re-contact respondents at any point to gain deeper insight into your audience. 

Concept Testing
Test and identify winning concepts worth investing resources in
Product Development
Test product market fit and
identify product benefits that will drive conversion
Ad Testing
Build winning ad campaigns
by getting audience feedback
before launch
Pricing Studies
Find the right price for your
products to maximise sales
and gain market share
Campaign Evaluation
Measure the success of your
campaigns in achieving your
business objectives
Usage & Attitudes
Understand the consumer
journey across different
products and services
Brand Perception
Understand how consumers
perceive your brand and drive
brand value
Brand Tracking
Track your brand and
understand the effectiveness
of your strategies
Competitor Analysis
Understand your competitors
better and develop strategies
to give your an edge
Crisis Impact Studies
Understand the true impact
of brand crisis and ensure
your respond effectively
Measure customer
satisfaction across all of your
customer touchpoints
Net Promoter Score
Measure likelihood to
recommend and identify
motivators and blockers
Store Tracking
Track store performance in
providing your customer with
a good experience
Product Evaluation
Measure the success of
product launches and drive
higher market share
Shopper Insights
Look inside a shopper's mind
and gain insights to drive
conversion and build loyalty
and more...

We’ll support you every step of the way

Survey Creation
  • Survey design
  • Survey review
  • Survey programming
  • Survey template creation
  • Framework development
Fieldwork Management
  • Online sample supply
  • Fieldwork recruitment
  • Fieldwork launch
  • Fieldwork monitoring
  • Data cleaning
Data Analysis and Insights
  • Data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Consultancy support
  • Reporting
  • Insights presentations

Southeast Asia

Milieu gathers valuable real-time insights from the region, getting a direct peek into the hearts and minds of consumers in South East Asia.

Countries we are in:

  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines

Southeast Asia’s award-winning survey software and market research company

Milieu Insight is an award-winning survey software and market research company, helping businesses thrive in a data-driven world. The need for reliable, quick information to make strategic decisions has never been greater. We believe in the transformative power of consumer research and we’re driven by our passion for understanding people - how they think, feel and act.


We've developed the best market research methodologies so you can test learn, and move faster


Launch a survey and get quality, quick turnaround results within days, or even hours

Connected data

Your research results will seamlessly connect to profiling data on Portraits

Ease of use

Highly intuitive platform design to help build and manage research studies easily


Launch a survey with 6 simple steps

Choose your study type

Select from our growing library of pre-designed advertising, brand and product studies.

Define your parameters

Define the target audience and sample size for your study.

Build your study

Build your study with a combination of our recommended questions or design your questions from scratch.

Send and review

Once you've set up your study, submit it and we'll review it for you.

Prepare for launch

Once your survey is approved, we will set it live on our Milieu Surveys app.

Get your results

Now, all you have to do is wait to receive your online report in no time!


Launch marketing research surveys seamlessly

Combine the most accurate data with market-leading technology and expertise to bid farewell to traditional, time-consuming, and costly market research. Our proprietary survey platform synthesizes data even while you sleep, delivering actionable and valuable insights to you within days or even hours.

Enjoy seamless data connectivity: Extract meaningful insights by connecting your research results and custom insights with millions of pre-collected profiling data.

Benefit from flexible market research packages: We cover everything from media planning and brand development, to sentiment tracking. 

Engage with your community through surveys: Seamlessly survey your own community and manage your community database, thought leader panels, and even employee engagement initiatives. 

Build effective customer feedback ecosystems: From voice of customer programs to touchpoint integration and marketing automation - Get comprehensive, actionable results, all within days.

Ready to level-up the way you do research?

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