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Milieu's 5th year anniversary: Message from the CEO, Gerald Ang

Message from the CEO: Marking 5 years of growth, transformation and team work.
Gerald Ang
December 5, 2022

Dear Beloved Clients, Partners & Friends

Today marks Milieu’s 5th year anniversary, a key milestone in Milieu’s journey growing from a young start-up based in Singapore, to one that has extended its presence over 6 markets in Southeast Asia.

Soon after Milieu Insight was established on this day in 2017, our team saw the launch of the very first version of our survey app, Milieu Surveys, in Singapore. We experienced many challenges and overcame countless hurdles as we pushed on to challenge the status quo in market research. Looking back, it has been nothing but fond memories that served as a constant reminder of where and why Milieu started. 

It’s been a progressive journey - In 2018, we focused on building our foundations with the launch of the Milieu Surveys app  in Thailand, and also the launch of our consumer insights dashboard, Canvas. Since then, Milieu began serving clients whose trust and support in us despite being a young start-up has always been something I feel extremely grateful for.

Fast forward to 2020, we expanded our presence in the Southeast Asian region and welcomed new hires, app users and clients from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The Covid-19 pandemic hit many people and businesses around the world, but we counted our blessings, for our team held strong together and found ways around the challenges during this difficult time. This very pandemic also reaffirmed our strong belief that traditional market research methods ought to be left in the past, and we saw demand for online consumer research continue to grow. 

During these two years, we’ve extended our leadership position in the industry and the awards are testament to our team effort in driving transformation. We've taken home 13 industry awards in 2021 and 2022, including Campaign Asia’s Most Valuable Product  Southeast Asia Market Research Agency of the Year, Programmatic Agency of the Year, and Mobile Experience (Mob-Ex) awards. The second iteration of Milieu Surveys, which introduced gamification to improve user experience and engagement, was launched in early 2022 with much positive feedback from our users and clients. Our mobile-first and user-centric strategy proved to be successful, and gave us confidence to march forward in our mission to transform the industry.

Throughout the years we’ve celebrated each victory, learnt from every mistake and supported each other in the most difficult times. We’ve always felt strongly about the state of the market research industry, its challenges and how it needs to change. In fact, Milieu’s entire reason for existence came about from a group of industry veterans who wanted to find a better way to deliver high quality research insights through digitalisation and technology.

The dedication of the Milieu team is what has enabled the company to navigate this competitive, complex and challenging market - something that I truly cherish and never take for granted. We have grown to more than 70 employees across the region, sharing ideas, problem-solving and innovating as a team. As we inspire and work with wonderfully diverse clients across the region, our team will continue to innovate - pushing boundaries to transform the consumer research industry and deliver meaningful consumer insights across Southeast Asia.

With 2023 approaching, we’ve set our eyes on ambitious targets and are hard at work building something that we’re very excited to reveal in the coming year! Thank you for all the support that you have given us over the past five years, and we look forward to greeting you again with exciting new offerings very soon - stay tuned!


Gerald Ang

CEO & Founder of Milieu Insight