Brand Health Tracking for Strategic Business Planning: A Case Study with a Major Video and Mobile Game Developer

Video and Mobile Game Developer
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Published on
June 15, 2024


In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the gaming industry, a video and mobile game developer faced the challenge of staying ahead by understanding and tracking the health of its brand over time. The client heavily relies on up-to-date data and insights on brand perception, usage, and awareness to inform forward planning for game titles and its overall user base. Additionally, there was a need to better comprehend the interests and behavior of gamers, particularly in relation to factors such as game spending, to identify potential growth opportunities.


To address these challenges and achieve long-term strategic objectives, the client worked with Milieu to implement a comprehensive brand health tracking initiative. The approach involved surveying a representative sample of 500 regular video gamers per market in key regions, including Malaysia (MY), Singapore (SG), Philippines (PH), Thailand (TH), Indonesia (ID), Vietnam (VN), Taiwan (TW), Japan (JP), and India (IN). Casual gamers were excluded to maintain focus on dedicated and engaged players.

The survey methodology included a wide range of metrics related to brand perception, usage patterns, awareness levels, gaming habits, and expenditure behavior. By conducting surveys regularly, typically on a monthly basis, the client accumulated a series of data that facilitated trend analysis over time. Both visual and technical formats were utilized to present the data in a clear and actionable manner.


The implementation of brand health tracking yielded several key outcomes that empowered the client in its long-term strategic planning and business decision-making processes:

  1. Insightful Trend Analysis: By collecting data consistently over time, the client built a series of accumulated datasets that facilitated trend analysis of brand health metrics. This enabled the identification of emerging patterns, shifts in consumer behavior, and fluctuations in brand perception across different markets. Insights from trend analysis informed strategic adjustments and refinements to marketing strategies, product offerings, and user engagement initiatives.

  1. Informed Strategic Business Planning: Armed with up-to-date insights into brand perception, usage, and awareness, the client was better equipped to develop long-term strategic plans for game development and overall business growth -  the client could anticipate market trends, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities for innovation and expansion.

  1. Identification of Growth Opportunities: Insights into gamer interests and spending behavior provided valuable intelligence on potential growth opportunities. By analyzing factors such as popular gaming genres, emerging gameplay mechanics, and patterns of expenditure, the client could identify untapped market segments and tailor its offerings to meet evolving consumer demands.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty and Engagement: Through continuous monitoring of brand health metrics, the client could proactively address issues impacting brand perception and user satisfaction. This fostered stronger brand loyalty and engagement among gamers, driving user acquisition, retention, and ultimately, revenue growth.