Understanding Public Sentiment: Tracking COVID-19 Concerns for a Government Healthcare Agency

Government Agency managing healthcare
Case study no
Published on
June 15, 2024


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a Government Agency responsible for healthcare management faced the challenge of understanding and tracking public attitudes towards various COVID-19 related concerns. This included perceptions regarding healthcare services, vaccination, government communications, and other initiatives implemented by the agency. With the dynamic nature of the pandemic and evolving public sentiments, the agency required a systematic approach to gauge the effectiveness of its campaigns and initiatives over time.


To address this challenge, Milieu proposed a comprehensive approach involving regular surveys conducted among Singaporeans aged 16 and above. The sample size, set at n=500 respondents, providing insights reflective of the Singapore population.

Milieu tapped on its proprietary panel to conduct surveys every two weeks, allowing for the continuous tracking of public sentiment over time. The survey questionnaire was designed in collaboration with the Government Agency, focusing on key indicators such as perceptions of healthcare services, trust in government communications, willingness to get vaccinated, and attitudes towards various COVID-19 initiatives.


The results obtained from the ongoing surveys provided valuable insights to the Government Agency regarding the shifting public sentiment surrounding COVID-19 concerns. By analyzing trends across multiple waves of data, the agency gained a deeper understanding of how public perceptions evolved in response to its campaigns and initiatives.