A look into the cosmetic enhancement behaviour in Southeast Asia

At the heart of it, cosmetic enhancements strive to enhance our natural features, valuing our uniqueness while offering avenues for self-improvement. Due to advancements in technology, increased affordability, and greater societal acceptance, these enhancements are now more readily available. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the trends and perceptions regarding cosmetic enhancements in Southeast Asia, this study explores the general prevalence, attitudes towards cosmetic enhancements, the impact of budget and "pretty privilege," motivations, and other related aspects.

Dataset Created
Fieldwork was conducted from 20th to 27th June 2023
Markets covered
Available in Singapore | Malaysia | Philippines | Indonesia | Vietnam
14 questions
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N=500 respondents each in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines (N=2,500 respondents overall)


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  • Tabulation (XLS)
  • Raw datafile (CSV or XLS)
  • Live Canvas Dashboard
Question samples
  • Have Southeast Asians undergone a cosmetic enhancement procedure?
  • Have Southeast Asians opted for invasive or non-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures?
  • Would Southeast Asians prefer to get their cosmetic procedures done locally or overseas?
  • What is the willingness of Southeast Asians to spend on cosmetic procedures?
  • Are Southeast Asians willing to disclose their cosmetic procedures?
  • Would non-invasive users consider invasive cosmetic procedures?
  • What are the reasons for undergoing cosmetic procedures?
  • What are the sentiments towards cosmetic procedures among Southeast Asians?
  • How common do Southeast Asians perceive cosmetic procedures to be?
  • Do Southeast Asians think it's acceptable to undergo non-invasive cosmetic procedures?
  • Is it acceptable for Southeast Asians if their partners undergo non-invasive cosmetic procedures?
  • Do Southeast Asians feel pressure to meet beauty standards?
  • Do Southeast Asians believe that being physically attractive gives them advantages in life?

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