Behind the label: Southeast Asia's affinity for clean beauty

In a world where self-care has taken centre stage, beauty enthusiasts in Southeast Asia aren't just pursuing the perfect skincare and makeup products; they are delving deeply into the world of ingredient lists, seeking the elusive promise of "Clean Beauty." This emerging trend is characterised by a deep-seated desire for transparency, safety, and eco-friendliness in beauty products. This comprehensive study offers a fascinating glimpse into the preferences and practices of beauty-conscious consumers in this region, from commonly avoided skincare ingredients, views and opinions on clean beauty products, familiarity with clean beauty, factors about clean beauty that Southeast Asians prioritise, and more.

Dataset Created
Fieldwork conducted from 27th July to 3rd August 2023
Markets covered
Available in Thailand | Malaysia | Philippines
14 questions
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N=500 respondents each in Thailand, Malaysia, and The Philippines (N=1,500 overall)


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  • Tabulation (XLS)
  • Raw datafile (CSV or XLS)
  • Live Canvas Dashboard
Question samples
  • What types of skincare products do Southeast Asians use regularly?
  • Which makeup products do Southeast Asians use regularly?
  • What skincare conditions are commonly faced by Southeast Asians?
  • Where do Southeast Asians typically purchase beauty products?
  • Do Southeast Asians check the ingredient lists of beauty products?
  • What are the commonly avoided ingredients in beauty products?
  • How familiar are Southeast Asians with clean beauty?
  • Have Southeast Asians purchased clean beauty products?
  • What factors influence beauty product purchases among Southeast Asians?
  • How do Southeast Asians feel about clean beauty?
  • Do Southeast Asians believe that clean beauty is safer?

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