Debt patterns and financial awareness among Southeast Asians

While traditionally viewed with caution and apprehension, there is now a notable normalisation of debt, reflected in the rising popularity of credit cards and buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) payment methods. Many individuals, particularly among younger generations, have embraced the convenience and freedom offered by these financial tools, using them as a means to manage their expenses. However, this changing mindset towards debt raises questions about the potential consequences and long-term financial implications. In this study, we explore consumer borrowing habits, types of debt, personal finance awareness, and the budgeting measures individuals undertake to manage their loans.

Dataset Created
16 Jun - 4 Jul 2023
Markets covered
Singapore | Malaysia | Thailand | Indonesia | Vietnam | The Philippines
13 Questions
From $2,000 SGD

N=500 each from Singapore | Malaysia | Thailand | Indonesia | Vietnam | The Philippines

(N=3,000 total)


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Question samples
  • Types of debts Southeast Asians have
  • Comfort levels with taking loans
  • Reasons for taking loans
  • Tracking and budgeting habits

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