Exploring personal finance and investments: Insights into the Southeast Asian landscape

This 6-market study uncovers various aspects of financial behavior and attitudes among Southeast Asians, providing valuable insights into their perceptions of success, saving habits, credit card ownership, payment habits, and more. Additionally, the study explores investment activities, including preferred areas of investment, favored banks or non bank investment platforms, and investment goals. Moreover, it examines confidence levels in seeking professional financial advice and common sources of such advice, as well as the challenges faced in making investment decisions. The report also addresses interest in exploring opportunities in regional markets and comfort levels with financial risks. These findings can inform marketing strategies and product development, enabling brands to identify partnerships, cater to investment preferences, address market gaps, and tailor offerings to match the risk tolerance of Southeast Asian consumers.

Dataset Created
February 2024
Markets covered
Available in Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | Thailand | Vietnam | Philippines
16 questions
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N= 3,010 overall

Singapore (N=500)

Thailand (N=500)

Indonesia  (N=500)

Malaysia  (N=500)

Vietnam (N=509)

The Philippines (N=501)


The following formats are available for purchase:

  • Tabulation (XLS)
  • Raw datafile (CSV or XLS)
  • Live Canvas Dashboard
Question samples
  • Top banks/platforms for investments
  • Perspectives on success in life
  • Saving habits
  • Credit card ownership trends and payment habits
  • Credit score range
  • Investment activity and areas of interest
  • Confidence in seeking professional financial advice
  • Top sources for investment advice
  • Challenges in making investment decisions
  • Interest in exploring investment opportunities in regional markets
  • Comfort levels with financial risks

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