Attitudes towards entrepreneurship and side hustles among Gen Zs and Millennials

Entrepreneurship has emerged as a prominent avenue for Gen Zs and Millennials to realise their ambitions and redefine success. With a unique blend of digital fluency, a penchant for creativity, and a willingness to take risks, Gen Zs and Millennials are carving their own paths, leveraging technology, and reshaping traditional notions of work and career. In this study, we explore what Southeast Asian Gen Zs and Millennials think about starting their own businesses or side hustles.

Dataset Created
28 Feb - 21 Mar 2023
Markets covered
Singapore | Malaysia | Thailand | Indonesia | Vietnam | The Philippines
12 questions
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N=500 16-42 year old from Singapore | Malaysia | Thailand | Indonesia | Vietnam | The Philippines

(N=3000 total)


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Question samples
  • Preference for side hustles
  • Intention to set up own businesses
  • Perceived necessity of industry experience before setting up own businesses
  • Perceived risk levels and challenges of setting up own businesses

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