Is plant-based milk making a splash in Southeast Asia?

The consumption of plant-based milk has been on the rise globally, and Southeast Asia is no exception. This comprehensive study highlights the preferences and reasons behind the growing popularity of plant-based milk in Southeast Asia

Dataset Created
January 2023
Markets covered
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philipppines, Thailand
23 Questions
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Sample size: N=1,000 each from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and The Philippines

(N=6,000 overall)


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  • Tabulation (XLS)
  • Raw datafile (CSV or XLS)
  • Live Canvas Dashboard
Question samples

- Plant-based milk preferences/types

- Consumption habits and reasons

- Reasons for preference/deterrent factors

- Consideration factors when purchasing plant-based beverages

- Product claims that influence consumer decisions

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