Leaving the nest: Are Southeast Asians moving out of their family homes?

Dreams of moving out from family homes are widespread, but how many Southeast Asians actually take that step? Our latest study delves into this question, aiming to uncover who moves out, what motivates them, and what holds others back. We also explore changes in personal habits, challenges faced, societal trends, and the perceived affordability of moving out in Southeast Asia. The insights gleaned from this dataset empower property agents and retail organisations to better understand and cater to their target audience's needs and aspirations.

Dataset Created
Fieldwork was conducted from 18th March to 5th April 2024
Markets covered
Available in Singapore | Thailand | Vietnam | The Philippines
15 questions
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N=500 each in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines (N=2,000 overall)


The following formats are available:

  • Tabulation (XLS)
  • Raw datafile (CSV or XLS)
  • Live Canvas Dashboard

Question samples
  • Current living arrangements of Southeast Asians
  • Desire and priority to move out
  • Barriers hindering Southeast Asians from moving out
  • Influence of societal pressures and trends on Southeast Asians' decision to move out
  • Living arrangements of Southeast Asians who have moved out
  • Optimal age for Southeast Asians to transition to independent living
  • Motivations driving Southeast Asians to move out
  • Changes in personal habits and mindsets since moving out
  • Challenges faced by Southeast Asians after moving out
  • Perceived affordability of independent living for Southeast Asians

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