Scanning the dining experience: Are QR code menus the future of Southeast Asia?

Amidst the constantly evolving dining landscape of Southeast Asia, a significant paradigm shift is taking place as an increasing number of restaurants adopt digital menus. This study meticulously dissects the crucial trends in digital menus, explores Southeast Asians' preferences for QR code menus, analyses the factors they wish to encounter in QR code menus, and delves into negative experiences faced by individuals in the region, among other aspects. The objective of this study is to provide actionable insights for businesses seeking to navigate this transformative wave in the dining industry.

Dataset Created
Fieldwork conducted from 20 November to 13 December 2023
Markets covered
Available in Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | Thailand | Philippines | Vietnam
10 questions
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N=500 respondents each in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines (N=3,000 overall)


The following formats are available for purchase:

  • Tabulation (XLS)
  • Raw datafile (CSV or XLS)
  • Live Canvas Dashboard
Question samples
  • Have Southeast Asians used a QR code menu?
  • How often do Southeast Asians eat out?
  • Do Southeast Asians have a preference for QR code menus?
  • Why do Southeast Asians prefer QR code menus?
  • Why don't Southeast Asians prefer QR code menus?
  • What technical difficulties do Southeast Asians face with QR code menus?
  • Do QR code menus enhance the Southeast Asian dining experience?
  • What factors do Southeast Asians want to see in QR code menus?
  • Do Southeast Asians still want to be provided with a physical menu?
  • Do Southeast Asians think digital menus will become the norm?

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