Are Singaporeans ready for gender pronouns in workplaces?

Written on:
March 15, 2022
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We're seeing a paradigm shift from perceiving gender as a binary biologically-assigned label, to that of fluidity, individual choice and identity, expressed through preferred gender pronouns among others. Do employees want workplaces to also reflect this societal change? We find out the prevalence of using them in Singapore's professional settings, and how accepting people are of this change.

Among the 1,000 employed respondents surveyed, only 8% find it necessary to state one's preferred gender pronouns in workplaces or work platforms, while 45% think it is a good-to-have, reflecting overall positive attitudes towards doing so.

Stating one's preferred gender pronouns can prevent unnecessary misunderstanding or conflict, but not all think that it should be made compulsory in workplaces - only 14% feel that it should be so, while 48% oppose it.

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