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Dentsu International enhances media and audience understanding capabilities with Milieu Insight’s consumer research platform technology

Written on:
March 17, 2022
Milieu Team

Through this partnership, Dentsu International will adopt Milieu Insight’s platform to build on its audience understanding, strategy and activation capabilities, allowing brands to target audiences more effectively, leading to quicker turnaround of research studies, more precise campaign measurement and stronger returns on investment.

Milieu Insight, the award-winning consumer research and analytics company, announced a strategic partnership with Dentsu International to digitally enhance Dentsu's Consumer Connection System (CCS) in Vietnam, fueling higher quality and up-to-date data using Milieu Portraits. This partnership with Milieu Insight will enable Dentsu to use advanced research and analytics tools to help its clients undertake fast turnaround studies and craft effective business and communication strategies.

Milieu Portraits’ “always-on” approach, rigorous quality control methodology, and tech automation allows for a seamless integration into Consumer Connection System(CCS) – Dentsu’s sophisticated end-to-end communications planning platform that provides clients with unique and in-depth insights into consumer behaviour and attitudes, as well as an in-depth view of how people interact with the media. Milieu’s consumer profiling tool, when integrated into the CCS, will complement and help unlock more use cases ranging from campaign measurements to optimising the activation of digital ads.

Extending CCS to Milieu’s use cases involve a sequence of steps - starting with data fusion on a specific audience segment that will allow a brand to build personas, target these people for quick studies, conduct lookalike modelling (via device IDs) and run soft/hard exposure-based campaign studies. Milieu Activate, an automated brand tracking solution and programmatic activation, leverages millions of data points to serve ads to the right mobile audiences, enabling Dentsu to help their clients drive stronger metrics in terms of click through rates and conversions. It uses programmatic lookalike modeling to identify target audience with access to mobile device IDs.

"Through our partnership with Milieu Insight, CCS inits new digital avatar is going to fundamentally shift the media research industry and give our brands the latest insight into not just ‘what’ media their target consumer is consuming and ‘when’ – but more importantly, ‘how’ they are consuming that media and ‘why’.” said Navin Dhanpal, CEO of Carat.

“We’re able to offer our clients a higher level of insight and accuracy because of the quality and depth of data Milieu Insight’s Canvas provide, at the speed with which it can be augmented. We are already able to build planning segments for our clients that were not possible before, which gives us greater ability to drive return on marketing investment.” added JP Salustiano, Chief Strategy Officer, Dentsu Services Vietnam.

“At Milieu, we always believe that consumer insights should be actionable and seamlessly connected to how marketers make decisions. Our strategic partnership with Dentsu is an important step towards providing the industry with a highly differentiated and data-driven audience targeting solution that will lead to better and more effective campaigns. The real-time dynamic nature of Milieu Insight’s consumer engagement platform and the wide range of data that it holds will empower Dentsu to help brands gain a competitive edge and build stronger relationships with their customers. ” said Gerald Ang, Chief Executive Officer, Milieu Insight.

About Milieu Insight

Milieu Insight is a consumer research and analytics company that connects businesses directly with their target audience for market research. The company collects consumer opinion data across a multitude of lifestyle topics and sectors through a proprietary mobile app known as Milieu Surveys. Milieu’s customer platform, known as Canvas, offers businesses a wide range of tools for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing high-value and timely consumer opinion data to help power better decision-making and strategy. For more information about Milieu Insight visit:  

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