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From sex education to motherhood… What do Singaporeans think?

Written on:
June 2, 2022
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Stay up to date on what the Milieu community are talking about! We bring you the latest insights, issues, and trends on how Singaporeans feel on hot button topics. Spot some of your opinions that made the news! 

Singaporeans do not want to talk about sex 

Most Singaporeans definitely do not want to talk to their parents about sex. In a recent survey we ran, we found that 70% feel embarrassed talking to their parents about sex. This finding was also contrasted with a parents’ perspective, with many reporting that they do not feel equipped to talk about sex with their children. How should we have these difficult conversations then? Singaporeans want these conversations to be left to the education system, indicating they would like sex education in schools to educate students about self protection, sexual health and transmitted diseases among other things. Singaporeans indicated even sexual consent should be a conversation that’s best left to the education system. 

Women in Singapore are not as keen to have children as those in Indonesia or Philippines

Based on a regional survey conducted in the Southeast Asian region for Mother’s Day, around a third of Singaporean and Thai women report a desire for children as opposed to half of Filipino women and nearly three quarters of Indonesian women. About a third of Thai and Singaporean women were also certain they did not want children whereas that figure drops to 4% for Indonesian women. For Indonesians, this could be due to the fact that their driving factor for having children is that 80% women report a family is only complete with children. Read more about the motherhood study here!

A deep dive into Singapore’s sandwich generation

An entire generation? Made of a sandwich? We know it’s confusing, but the sandwich generation is loosely defined as 40 - 60 year olds with children and elderly dependants, being squeezed by the responsibilities of caregiving for both their parents and children. We did a deep dive recently into their lifestyle habits, like shopping, dining and exercising patterns and found interesting insights as compared to others in their age group who do not have dependants. Read more about Singapore’s sandwich generation here!

Milieu For Good, consumer research uplifting charity organisations 

We launched Milieu For Good! This is our charity arm that helps us uplift charity and not-for-profit organisations by providing them with actionable insights about their community. We’re aiming to support the following UN goals with Milieu For Good, ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’, ‘Quality Education’, ‘Reduced Inequalities’, and ‘Climate Action’. ​​The goal of these partnerships is to collaborate on public research that helps to drive awareness, understanding and action on key socio-economic issues. If you have any charity organisations that you would like us to work with, please reach out to us with the name of the organisation and the work they do and we’ll be happy to explore a potential partnership. Read more about Milieu For Good here.

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