Study finds Thai women eager to enhance job skills

Written on:
February 28, 2023
Milieu Team

Featured on Bangkok Post.

Nearly half of Thai women age 35 and older showed the strongest motivation towards entrepreneurship, as the majority of the female workforce across Southeast Asia is interested in taking additional courses to develop their skills, a joint study by She Loves Data and Milieu Insight found.

Social media marketing is the most sought-after course among female employees in Thailand, according to more than half of respondents in two age groups: workers aged 16-34 and those 35 and older. The second most popular course is marketing and advertising technology, with 58% of women 35 and older interested as well as 46% of female employees aged 16-34 employees, the data revealed.

The research revealed the top motives among Thai women for enrolling in a professional course this year are the desire to improve their job performance (52%), set up their own business (43%) and increase job prospects or employability (41%).

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