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What the shift of brand spend into gaming means for publishers

Written on:
January 17, 2024
Milieu Team

95% of global internet users use a mobile phone to go online, which is over 60% of the world’s total population. People in Singapore, South Korea and Japan on average spend 5 hours per day on mobile apps. Mobile is undoubtedly the battlefield of consumer attention, there’s no way that marketers can do a well-covered campaign without mobile.

Recently, PubMatic commissioned a new study from Milieu Insight, with business decision-makers from brands and agencies responsible for media buying in Singapore, Japan and South Korea, to find out marketers’ preferences and challenges regarding to ad spend in mobile apps with the focus on games.

Key findings:

  • On average, 73% of marketers currently have an in-app advertising strategy. Nearly 80% of them reported improved brand awareness, which is the top benefit of in-app ads that they’ve seen.
  • The share of in-game advertisers (52%) is relatively lower, with some common challenges ie identifying consumer segments within the broad label of gamers, and finding the right brand fit across different type of games.
  • Looking to 2024, 86% of in-game advertisers in Singapore and 80% of those in South Korea plan increase or keep the same budget in in-game advertising.

Download the report to learn more.

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