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Milieu For Good

We want to make research truly accessible to everyone, and so we started Milieu For Good, an initiative that provides pro bono research services for social enterprises, non-profit organisations and charities. Through Milieu For Good, we equip change-makers with the right research tools to create positive and lasting change.

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why we do this

Research that makes a world of difference

Through strategic partnerships, we aim to cultivate relationships with key institutions and organisations that align with these four SDGs. The goal of our partnerships will be to collaborate in public research that helps to drive awareness, understanding and action on key socio-economic issues that affect the lives of citizens around the world.

If you’re a registered social enterprise, non-profit or charity organisation looking to run a research study, do get in touch!

We're supporting causes aligning with these 4 SDGs
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Learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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How we can support your cause

We'll collaboratively design a study that meets your organisation's objectives, program the survey, collect responses via Milieu Insight's online panel, provide you with access to the dataset on our Milieu Canvas online dashboard, and provide assistance with analysis or interpretation of the results.