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Quality is in our DNA

With a combination of proprietary research technologies, robust methodologies and a relentless obsession towards quality, we do what is needed so you never have to worry about the quality of your insights.


We do what's right, not what's normal

We hold the quality of our data and research methodologies to uncompromising standards. We do not follow industry standards blindly, we strive to make them better.

So yes, it's true that Milieu brings a sense of calm to the often chaotic world of market research.

Rigorous quality control measures that ensure the highest standards of data quality

Streamlined research approaches that deliver agile insights exactly when you need it

Local research experts that ensure your studies follow robust research methodologies

OUR approach

We focus on what really works

A beautifully simple philosophy

Market research should never be painful. We firmly believe that with the right design, research can be seamless and pain-free while providing you with actionable insights as and when you need it.

Human answers with machine precision

We built our technology from ground up to ensure we collect opinions at scale, and deliver insights at no compromise to speed and quality.

No quality is harmed in the process

While we have sped up and simplified the research process, we take special care to ensure that you are getting only the best quality. Along with stringent quality check processes and automated fraud detection, our team of eagle-eyed research experts ensure that you can trust what you see.

Learn more from our White Paper

Our methodology has been built over time and countless experiments. Read our White Paper to find out how we are different.

Why does it matter?

Traditional market research practices can cost you weeks and months, and a whole lot of money. Our solutions provide you with quality insights tailored to your needs, without the hair-pulling frustration.


Your privacy is important to us

It is our responsibility to ensure that your personal and non-personal data are kept secure and anonymous. We have put in place stringent measures in compliance with our privacy policy.


All data collected are summarised as an aggregated statistical information, and no individual can be identified from their responses.


All of our survey takers engage with us through a triple opt-in process, from signing up to our platform through to their participation in individual surveys.


All of your datasets are hosted on our secure platform.

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