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Your ultimate guide to the different types of market research

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July 2, 2024
Rachel Lee

Market research might sound like a complex task, but it's actually your ticket to making informed decisions that can elevate your business. It’s about knowing your market, understanding your customers, and staying ahead of the competition. So, let’s dive into the fascinating world of market research!

Types of market research

Primary research: Your direct line to the customer

Imagine having a direct conversation with your customers. Primary research lets you do just that! Through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, you gather firsthand information that’s tailored to your needs. It’s like getting the answers straight from the source, providing fresh and relevant insights.

Secondary research: A library of existing data

Why reinvent the wheel? Secondary research taps into already available data from industry reports, academic studies, and market statistics. It’s cost-effective and gives you a broad understanding of the market landscape, similar to using a library full of knowledge to inform your decisions.

Qualitative research: Delving deep into your customer’s psyche

Want to know why customers behave the way they do? Qualitative research is your answer. Through in-depth interviews and focus groups, you get rich, descriptive data that reveals motivations, attitudes, and emotions. It’s almost as if you’re having a personal chat with your customers, uncovering what truly drives them. This method allows you to delve deep into the nuances of customer behaviour, providing insights that number alone can’t capture.

Quantitative research: The power of numbers

Quantitative research turns data into clear, actionable insights, enabling precise decision-making and strategic planning. Well-designed surveys or questionnaires gather numerical data that reveal patterns and trends, acting like a statistical magnifying glass. While qualitative research uncovers the ‘why’, quantitative research quantifies it, providing the scope of understanding needed for comprehensive analysis.

Milieu Insight's Canvas enhances this process with its user-friendly survey software platform. It allows anyone, from beginners to experts, to easily create and distribute simple or in-depth surveys. Canvas offers customisable features, diverse question types, and advanced analytics to visualise and interpret data effortlessly. With real-time data collection, automated reporting, and robust security, the platform ensures accurate and reliable insights, empowering users to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Product/service use research: Understanding user experience

How do customers actually use your product or service? Product/service research involves user testing, feedback, and usage analytics to uncover usability issues and satisfaction levels. It’s like watching your product in action, ensuring it meets customer needs and exceeds expectations.

Observation-based research: Watching customers in their natural habitat

Sometimes, the best insights come from simply watching. Observation-based research involves seeing how customers interact with your products in real-life settings, whether in stores or online. It provides unbiased insights into actual consumer behaviour, highlighting patterns and preferences that might not be evident through direct questioning.

Buyer persona research: Creating your ideal customer profiles

Who are your customers, really? Buyer persona research helps you to create detailed profiles based on demographics, psychographics, and behaviour. These personas guide your marketing and product strategies, making your efforts more personalised and effective.

Market segmentation research: Target with precision

Not all customers are the same. Market segmentation divides your broad market into smaller, more manageable groups based on specific criteria like demographics or behaviour, allowing you to create specialised strategies for each unique audience segment, improving relevance and engagement.

Pricing research: Find that sweet spot

What’s the right price for your product? Pricing research helps you to determine the optimal price point through surveys, analysis, and competitor pricing. It ensures your pricing strategy aligns with customer expectations and maximises profitability, hitting that sweet spot between value and cost.

Competitive analysis research: Stay ahead of the game

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer! Competitive analysis research studies your competitors to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. Almost as if you have a playbook of your competition, this type of research helps you to identify opportunities and threats and develop strategies to stay ahead.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty research: What keeps your customers happy?

Happy customers are loyal customers. This type of research measures satisfaction and loyalty through surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and feedback, allowing you to identify areas for improvement, ensuring your customers remain happy and loyal, coming back for more.

Brand awareness research: Making your brand known

How well do people know your brand? Brand awareness research uses surveys and social media analysis to measure recognition and recall. It helps you assess the effectiveness of your branding efforts and discover ways to boost visibility and recognition.

Campaign research: Measuring marketing success

Is your marketing hitting the mark? Campaign research evaluates the success of your marketing efforts through surveys, A/B testing, and performance analytics. It’s like having a report card for your campaigns, showing what works and what needs tweaking.


Market research is more than just data collection—it’s about unlocking insights that drive your business forward. By using a mix of these research methods, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your market and customers, enabling you to make smarter decisions and achieve greater success. So, start exploring the world of market research and watch your business thrive!

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